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Caution to the wind is the perfect theme for this undeniable young artist named Audrey Martell. She has a child like imagination and an incredibly insightful outlook on life that she pours into her music. Within only a few years in the music business, Audrey has built a successful career as a songwriter for such gifted legends like George Benson and Randy Crawford.

After achieving so much success as a writer and recording artist, Audrey Martell quickly made her move to the performance side of her rocketing career. While perfecting her skills fronting her own band in NYC, she has caught the eye of so many. You could also see her performing with Brandy. Or shining in the vocals of Celine Dion's recording of "Happy". Jewel, Britney Spears, Anastasia, Mary J Blige, Joan OsBorne, Paulina Rubio and Mandy Moore are only a few of the many diverse divas Audrey has sung along side, recorded and toured with.

Diversity and guts encompass every aspect of the Audrey Martell experience. After scoring an unexpected place as a solo artist on the "More of Save the Last Dance" Soundtrack, it was a wake up call for her to step out to center stage for good. With caution to the wind Audrey Martell has written music so timely and heartfelt and free from limitations. She has a style so original that it cannot be denied. Don't sleep...she is a force to be reckoned with, and a voice that speaks to the true music lover in all of us.
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